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340D El Pueblo Rd.
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

Wholesale Wax Supplier

California Skincare Supply is a leading wholesale wax supplier with real results, proven products, and sincere service. As a wholesale wax supplier, it's our responsibility to bring our customers the best brands with the highest quality products. We supply brands such as PFB

Vanish, Epillyss Wax, JMT Group ,and Xingu Amazonia

Wholesale wax supplier products include depilatory gel, depilatory oil, lukewarm wax, wax removal cotton roll, Pre-Depilatory powder, roll-on varnish for in grown hair, and more.

Chocolate Gel Wax Epillyss Azulene Lukewarm Wax Epillyss Honey Lukewarm Wax Epillyss Millenia Lukewarm Gel  Wax Epillyss Novatherm  Gel Wax Epillyss Wax Sensitive Lukewarm Creamy Wax Epillyss

Popular Epillyss wax comes in novatherm gel, sensitive lukewarm creamy, whine queen lukewarm creamy, sensor hard, vitamin E, azulene lukewarm wax, and the popular chocolate gel wax. As a wholesale wax supplier, this is one of our popular product lines. Your clients will love the 'Jolly Rancher' aroma and sparkling wax. We also supply hard wax muffins and refills.

View our Wholesale wax supplier products page for specific product details and to order today!