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Aqua Laure

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Discover Aqua Laure, your source of renewal. A range of body care products inspired by the natural resources of North America and its Nordic roots, with its majestic mountains, glaciers, woodlands and water riches. Composed of original active ingredients, the Aqua Laure line stands out with an innovative approach that combines fast results, ease of use, melting textures and dreamy scents. The whole, oriented to meet the ever-growing needs of the SPA market.
The beauty of a line lies in it's delivery. Salon, spa and home care treatments formulated to pamper you head to toe- body and soul. Learn firsthand why a growing number of men and women are taking the plunge and using marine extracts to energize, contour and indulge their skin with added softness and suppleness. Aqua-Laure one- on- one personalized programs: Lasting visible results.
California Skincare Supply was honored to become the Aqua Laure Distributor in 2010. If you would like to buy wholesale from us, please create an account and start shopping!