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Swann-Morton Dermaplaning

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Estheticians throughout the United States use dermaplaning blades everyday. For this reason the blade industry has developed specific blade shapes to improve the safety of the procedure. Swann-Morton offers blade size 10, 10R and 14, developed specifically for this industry. The 10R is a rounded tip blade also referred to as the 10S blade.


Swann-Morton finished grinding technique is what makes these blades last longer than a typical razor edge blade. Their dermaplaning blades are micro-serrated on one side, which keeps the hair from dulling the edge. Many razor edge blades are coated to help the blade from breaking down, but the coating also wears with each pass of the blade. The Swann Morton blades stay sharp, no coating needed.


California Skincare Supply was honored to become XO8 Cosmeceuticals Distributor in 2022. If you would like to buy XO8 Cosmeceuticals products wholesale from us, please create an account and start shopping!

California Skincare Supply was honored to become a Swann-Morton Distributor in 2022.

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