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Hydraulic Facial Beds

Hydraulic facial Beds have a foot pedal that raises and lowers the height of the bed and a mechanical system that raises and lowers the backrest and leg rest manually.


  • Hydraulic beds are good for smaller spaces especially if they adjust into a chair.
  • This creates more room for the client when arriving and getting ready to depart the room.
  • Some hydraulic beds will spin 360 degrees on a rotational base, making it a good choice for practitioners that need more mobility.
  • Also, hydraulic beds require no electricity.


  • Hydraulic facial beds are not nearly as smooth, quiet or effortless as electric beds.
  • The bed is both hydraulic and manual, meaning the backrest and footrest use a mechanical system that needs to be raised and lowered by the esthetician. This can be more physically challenging.

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  • Equipro

    Hydro-Comfort Hydraulic Facial Bed

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    This premium hydraulic facial bed is recommend for facials, body treatments, electrolysis and depilation, this Equipro Facial Bed features an easy hydraulic lift system and an adjustable head cushion with ease of access for face and neck. ...

  • Equipro

    Multi-Comfort Hydraulic Facial Bed

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    Perfect for facials, therapeutic massages, electrolysis and depilation, this Equipro Multi Comfort Table features hydraulic adjustable height, minimum height of 22.5 inch for easy access to handicapped people. The Massage Table features manual adjustable...

  • Equipro

    Maxi-Comfort Hydraulic 360 Facial Bed

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    20100 MAXI-COMFORT HYDRAULIC 360º Facial Bed for electrolysis, facial, depilation effortless hydraulic system swiveling to 360º adjustable headrest manual adjustable backrest & legrest 15° tilting system for lay-z-boy position ease...