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Professional Grade Tinted Liquid Eyebrow Enhancer. Available without a Prescription.
What is HowNowBrowMD? Looking for flawless, fuller brows? FolicaBeauty presents HowNowBrowMD conditioning Tinted Liquid Eyebrow Pen, formulated to bring you the thicker, fuller eyebrows you have always wanted. Long lasting HowNowBrowMD's easy to use, ultra smooth 4- point tip delivers meticulously natural looking brows while clinically proven ingredients including peptides, vitamins, amino acids and botanicals help strengthen and grow your brows. Put the Wow in Your Brow!
Benefits include: 
Promotes longer, thicker brows
Encourages healthy brows by fortifying and strenghening hair
Restores dry, weak brows
Creates the appearance of thicker, fuller brows
Easy-to-use, 4-pont tip easily replicates natural hair like strokes and fills in gaps.Creates the appearance of thicker, fuller brows
Available in 3 buildable tints
Drug-free & pH Balanced
Contains SymLash XL, a multi-tasking peptide, protects and promotes visibly fuller brows while improving brow density, thickness and length.
Contains Baicapil, a combination of 3 botanical active ingredients, acts to visiby combat hair loss, stimulate hair growth and increase brow hair density.
Contains Keranutri a combination of 3 proteins and amino acids for thicker and stronger brows. A multifunctional natural active ingredient that acts as a protecting agent while preventing breakage and strenghening..
California Skincare Supply was honored to become the HowNowBrowMD Distributor in 2020.