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Wholesale Skin Care Tools

Grow your business and get better results for your clients with professional skin care tools. From microcurrent to nano channeling, LED light therapy and beyond, the facials of the future have arrived.

Read our blog to read more about the 7 essential skin care tools every esthetician must have!  For your shopping convenience we list our faves right here. These can also be used at home so they are great additions to your backbar retail shelves.

  1. Julie Lindh Solar Microcurrent Ageless Wand 2.0 (At-Home & Professional Use) – Clients will be hooked on the afterglow after receiving a facial with this multitasking skin care tool which features microcurrent alongside a stimulating spiked roller to mimic microneedling without puncturing the skin. This helps to promote collagen synthesis, rejuvenation and repair of the skin.
  2. Julie Lindh Skinmagic Pen (At-Home & Professional Use) – Focused treatment for the lips and eye area makes the Skinmagic Pen a quick and easy way to uplevel or add onto your favorite facial protocols. Utilizing both sonic vibration technology and two kinds of LED Light Therapy, this facial treatment tool has multiple settings to nourish skin and massage delicate areas with precision.
  3. ZAQ Facial Rejuvenation 7 Color LED (At-Home & Professional Use) – For a non-invasive modality that gets results, it doesn’t get much better than LED Light Therapy and ZAQs Facial Rejuvenation device has an impressive seven-color spectrum of options for applying LED in the treatment room. This multi-use professional skincare tool also features electrical muscle stimulation, radio frequency, sonic vibration and a heated massager.
  4. Skin Wand Pro (At-Home & Professional Use)– A single-depth (0.15nm) nano channeling skincare tool for at-home use, Skin Wand Pro’s sleek device has three different speeds and was designed to target signs of aging around the eyes and lips. Nano channels created by the wand allow for better product penetration and improve cellular turnover in struggling skin.
  5. ZAQ Nova Powerful Ultrasonic Scrub Spatula, (At-Home & Professional Use) – Deep cleansing and pore purifying is the magic behind ZAQ Nova’s Powerful Ultrasonic Scrub Spatula which uses ultrasonic technology to to this tool to cleanse the skin, exfoliate, remove impurities and infuse active ingredients without the use of chemicals or aggressive techniques.
  6. Icy Steel Ice Globes in Stainless Steel (At-Home & Professional Use) – Cold therapy has many applications in the treatment room. Ice Globes feel amazing following waxing, extractions, electrolysis, or advanced exfoliation such as a peel, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning or microneedling. When used to massage the face they stimulate lymphatic drainage, improve circulation and promote deep relaxation for your clients.
  7. OxyFus Oxygen Infuser Spray (At-Home & Professional Use) – Oxygen infusion is the perfect finishing touch both at home and in the treatment room. Using a high pressure stream of oxygen and active ingredients to deeply nourish the skin, this device allows for better product penetration and performance. This patented professional skincare tool also helps to improve hydration and boost moisture retention in depleted skin.
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