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OxyFus Oxygen Infuser Spray

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OxyFus Oxygen Infuser

High Pressure Nourishment

Through the methodology of high pressure intrusion using our special pressure spray gun, oxygen and active substances can be injected onto the skin base layer.  Placed just above the skin surface, the essence of nutrients can penetrate into the skin deep thus improving the skin absorption of nutrients.

Beauty Spray

The patented design of our spraying device is to combine active concentrated ingredients in the form of a spray to moisturize the skin and also reduce cosmetics cost.


Inhalation of pure aromatherapy essential oil combined with oxygen through the respiratory system.

Working Principles


  1. High pressure gas produced by air compression principles sent through the spray nozzle atomized to about 30 microns.  This greatly improves nutrition absorption, cools the skin surface and makes loose dry skin become moist and full.
  2. Transforming large molecules into small molecules allows the exchange of unwanted materials out of the system at the same time opening the pores and allowing the nutrients to penetrate directly to the basal layer of the skin.The treatment is suitable for all skin types.



  1. Water Oxygen Material Used: Mineral Water
    Method: Place mineral water into the small container of the spray gun and through the extreme pressure, water and oxygen penetrates into the deep layer of the skin.
  2. Spray Material Used:  Water-based including toner, pure rose dew or acne solution
    Method: Place proper amount of skin care solution into the small container according to skin conditions
  3. Oxygen Injection Material Used:Essence-based (Hyaluronic Acid, freeze-dried powder, Levo-vitamin C,repair essence,facial essence).
    Method: Choose appropriate essence according to the skin conditions.
    -- For dry skin it has a moisturizing whitening effect.
    -- For oily skin it shrinks pores, better oil control and refreshing effect.
    Frequency of use:  Hyaluronicacid, Freeze-dried Powder, Levo-Vitamin C, repair essence liquid-3 times a week. Purewater, saline, toner, and pure dew can be used everyday. Spray a full small container.


  1. The product used in the spray gun must be water-based (high viscosity product must be diluted with mineral water).
  2. Before use, fill with warm water and spray with alcohol (cleaning the inner wall of the spray gun).
  3. Charge the device fully before initial use.
  4. Do Not Use When Charging, unplug the power before use.

Several Common Reasons Why Spray Gun Fails.

  1. Loose nozzle.
  2. Formula concentration is too high (preferably diluted with water).
  3. The dirt in the spray gun wasn't cleaned intime.
  4. The nozzle is not installed inplace.


California Skincare Supply has no minimum order requirement. We ship FEDEX and have a $3.00 handling fee that will be applied to every order. Orders are usually processed within 2-3 business days. Freight charges are non-refundable.

Return's must be expressly authorized by CSS and are for store credit only. Returns and requests for order corrections must be made within 7 days of the receipt of the order. No returns allowed on 1/2 used product.

No unused product returns or exchanges accepted beyond 30 days of purchase date. Merchandise must not be priced or marked in anyway.

No returns allowed on equipment.

California Residents: A California Sellers Permit from the California State Board of Equalization should be provided for all orders shipped within (or purchased in) the state of California. This tax number will exempt retail products from being taxed. Products sold for professional use are always taxable in the state of California; if a Sellers Permit is not provided the entire order will be taxable.

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