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Wholesale Hydrodermabrasion Machines

CSS offers a PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE for all DermaJem spa equipment including these hydrodermabrasion machines. We also offer FREE SHIPPING and FINANCING.

Professional hydrodermabrasion machines work using a hydro wand tool with an abrasive tip for providing manual surface exfoliation, while also infusing the skin with acid-based serums, and delivering chemical exfoliation deep within the skin. 

Utilizing advanced exfoliation in the treatment room, estheticians are able to achieve amazing results for their clients and are finding that hydrodermabrasion has many benefits including:

  • Deep cleansing for congested skin, or skin that’s prone to blackheads and breakouts
  • Stimulation of collagen, for promoting skin elasticity and firmness in aging skin
  • Ability to gently exfoliate sensitive skin without causing irritation or reactivity
  • Increased blood flow and circulation to create an instant glow factor
  • Intense hydration and nourishing benefits for dry, dehydrated, or depleted skin
  • Helps resurface and smooth the skin for minimizing the appearance of acne scarring, uneven skin texture, fine lines and deep set wrinkles

Additionally, because the hydrodermabrasion machines are very customizable in terms of adjusting the level of exfoliation and creating curated serum cocktails for infusion, hydro incorporates seamlessly into nearly any facial protocol and can be used to address multiple concerns simultaneously.

Read our blog post on hydrodermabrasion the service and the machines, and that includes reasons why hydrodermabrasion good sense for estheticians to add to their service menus. 


Dermjem's hydrodermabrasion machines have a 30 day return policy and 30 month warranty.

Feel like a JEM

Communication is vital for the success of any business. DermaJem's internal, onsite support and training team handles every support inquiry with precision, understanding, and professionalism. If equipment stops working as expected, send it in. Their hydrodermabrasion machines come with a no questions asked 30-month warranty. They will gladly accept any defective part or unit, and repair or replace it.

Free Live One-on-One Training

Have questions about DermaJem hydrodermabrasian machines? They want you to feel comfortable and confident with your purchase. Every machine they sell comes with a virtual or in-person one-on-one training session.

If you're a skincare professional and you don't have an account yet, please create one through the "Register" link on this page. You'll then be able to login to see prices and buy facial beds at wholesale. It's fast, free and easy. As a member here, you will get access to our special product training for estheticians, over 40 of the best skincare brands in one place, professional supplies & equipment for your salon, and retail products to stock your shelves! We take care of our professional clients and their businesses!

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    Please log in for pricing.

    Anima Neptune 2.0 The Neptune 2.0 gives you versatility, variety, and ease when offering facial treatments. With five different modalities and the ability to change hydrodermabrasion solutions easily with its touchscreen, you will have something for...

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    Please log in for pricing.

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