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France Laure

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Since its creation in Paris circa 1960, France Laure maintains the same philosophy: to conceive effective skin and body care products obtaining dazzling results. A recipe we will not change...The highest percentagesSince its foundation, France Laure draws its ingredients from nature's botanical profuseness such as marine and mineral extracts to obtain perfect skin symbioses. As biotechnical discoveries are made, the line innovates and creates balanced solutions destinated to perserve the suppleness, tonus and beauty of the skin.The key to its success for over 40 years now? Relying on maximal recommended concentrations. This practice has a double advantage for the consumers: the large laboratories authorize France Laure to inscribe the name of actives used, thus confirming their origin and their concentration; furthermore, they authorize France Laure to transmit the results of this research - once again confirming that each promise France Laure makes is backed by verified results.its of the France Laure professional line.
California Skincare Supply was honored to become the France Laure Distributor in 1990.
California Skincare Supply distributes France Laure in California, Oregon, Washington & Nevada 
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