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Wholesale Facial Beds

A facial bed is one of the most important purchases in equipment any esthetician will make for his or her spa or salon. They are also one of the most expensive which is why you want a bed that will last many years – if not the entire life of your esthetics business. To ensure our clients get the best in longevity, quality and comfort for themselves and their clients, CSS has chosen two great spa and salon equipment manufacturers to supply the facial beds we sell here:  Equipro and Silhouet-tone.

Use the links in the menu to sort by facial bed types or read on to discover which type is best for you. If you came here looking to buy a chair to sit on, go here to see our esthetician chairs and stools. Look here if you're seeking a massage table

Here are some important things to consider when shopping for a facial bed:


Your clients come in not just to get a treatment, but to get pampered, and if you want them to walk away feeling that's exactly what they got, your facial bed must be comfortable. It should also be designed for proper ergonomics to keep you comfortable as well. 


You don't need the most expensive facial bed to get your esthetics services done. Buy the bed you can afford that gives you the features you need, while at the same time providing the ultimate experience to your client. But do be careful about quality and durability. If you try to go too cheap it can end up costing you more in the long run. All of Equipro's and Silhouet-tone's facial beds are built to last and priced yet for the quality you get.


You have lots of options here for adding on other features and functions to your facial bed from armrests, headrests and footrests, to even storage drawers, pillows and bolsters. The right kind of facial bed is also multiuse, meaning just because it's called a facial bed doesn't mean you can only use it for facials! They can also double as a massage table or even for doing waxing and manicures. It goes without saying that multiuse always means a cost savings in terms of equipment you need to run your business.


We know it's the norm, but don't for a minute you need to stick to white upholstery. Check out all the colors available to you for your facial bed, especially in the Silhouet-tone brand, and at no extra cost.  

Static or Adjustable

There are different types of adjustment that are important in a facial bed. The height is obviously important. Too low and the esthetician could develop back problems. But there are also head, neck and feet adjustments that are important for the comfort of both you and your client. As a result, we don't recommend static beds. Comfort for your client and your health should be a priority.

3 Types to Choose From

We've established that adjustability is important. Now you have your choice in how a facial bed adjusts.

A hydraulic facial bed let you adjust the height of the bed with a foot pedal that pumps the bed up and down, and some can rotate 360° as well as provide neck and foot adjustments. They can usually fit in smaller spaces and don't require electricity.

Pneumatic facial beds combine an airlift system to raise and lower the height with a mechanical system to raise and lower the backrest. They are more affordable because they don’t require a motor or electricity to accomplish the height adjustments. On the downside, pneumatic beds have to be set at maximum height and then adjusted down. If you need to bring the client back up, the client will need to get off the bed so the esthetician can raise it back up.

An electric facial bed, on the other hand, gives an esthetician more ability to make their client comfortable. The back and leg rests can be adjusted up and down. They come with extra cushions, and there are back and neck adjustments, all controlled with a remote control. They offer the most comfort for both the client and the esthetician.

Which Esthetics Facial Bed Best for You?

Now that we've given you criteria to use to choose, you may be wondering which is best for your requirements. Please see our blog "WHICH FACIAL BED IS BEST FOR ESTHETICIANS?" There Kelli reviews your options and helps you pick out the right one for your needs and the needs of your clients.

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