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Wholesale Exfoliants

Exfoliation is everything. We live for exfoliants!

Exfoliation involves the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface. As Estheticians we incorporate exfoliating products or equipment devices that exfoliate, in almost all facial services.

Our skin typically sheds dead skin cells every 30 days or so to make room for new cells. Sometimes dead skin cells don’t shed completely causing dry, peeling skin and or clogged pores. Also, as we age our cell turnover slows down leaving excess dead cells on the surface causing dullness, discoloration, rough appearance and breakouts. Exfoliants to the rescue!

There are 3 types of exfoliants, and estheticians love them all!

Chemical Peels: There are many chemical peels to choose from and luckily, we sell dozens! Chemical peels containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), are very popular. AHAs are water soluble and typically come from sugary fruits. Common AHA’s include Glycolic Acid (derived from sugar cane) Lactic Acid (found in milk and pickled vegetables) Citric Acid (found in citrus fruits) Malic Acid (found in grapes) and Mandelic Acid (derived from bitter almonds). Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) are oil soluble. They travel deep into the hair follicle and unplug and reduce excess oil. The most common BHA is Salicylic Acid and is a great choice for oily acne skin. 

Physical Exfoliants: Physical exfoliation involves any product or device that manually removes dead skin cells while rubbing, scrubbing, scraping etc. This can be achieved many different ways. Scrubs are easy and convenient, Gua Sha is another simple tool. Microdermabrasion, ultra-sonic skin spatula and sonic cleansing devices all get the job done! You’re in the right place because we sell all of these great choices! 

Enzymatic Exfoliants: Enzymes are natural exfoliant typically derived from fruits (papain from pineapple & bromelain derived from papaya). They typically don’t contain acids. Enzymes dissolve and digest keratin proteins which act like glue and hold old skin cells to the surface. Enzymes increase healthy cell turnover and are an excellent choice for sensitive, inflamed skin. We sell many enzymatic products for use in your treatment room!

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