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Cirepil by Perron Rigot

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Cirépil Wax is a luxury waxing product to add to your routine. Easy and efficient to use, it is a high-quality wax that performs incredibly well. Unlike other waxes, this wax works at a low temperature to avoid burns and discomfort. The Cirépil Blue Wax is applied in an incredibly thin layer making it cost effective and easier to apply. It only takes one application to achieve smooth, hairless skin, so there are no tweezers and no retouching required.

Perron Rigot offers high-quality waxes, made with the finest ingredients. Known for their high-quality, French waxes, Cirépil Wax is one of Perron Rigot’s most luxurious. Cirépil offers a complete line of products to create an entire beauty treatment around waxing, from start to finish to prep the skin, remove hair, and even soothe it afterwards. Cirépil also offers complete and free instructions on how to use the wax most effectively and with the best methods to get the best result.

The Cirépil method starts with Pre Depilatory Jasmin Oil by Cirépil to calm and prepare the skin. Next up is the waxing. Cirépil Blue Wax helps avoid inflammation and pain, even during the waxing process. It works to remove baby fine hairs, as well as thick, coarse hair without damaging the skin.Perron Rigot is known for their luxurious waxes, and Cirépil is no exception. This wax is an exclusive offering that yields effective results and clients report almost no pain. Cirépil sticks to the hair and not the skin for a better waxing experience which leaves behind healthy, undamaged skin.

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