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Lavish Lips By M.A.D Skincare

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M.A.D Skincare Lavish Lips, a collection of fifteen creamy lipsticks that have a Triple Firming Action for rejuvenation, long-lasting moisturization and wrinkle prevention. Lavish Lips are rich and plumping, with a high-pigment finish. 
Lavish Lips is formulated with Palmitoyl Tripeptide- 1 for a plumping effect. This unique, anti-aging peptide does not irritate the lips for plumping but helps increase the moisture content leaving wrinkles on the lips looking smoother and fuller while addressing lip concerns.
A combination of Shea Butter and Carnauba Wax lend emollient propertoes, shine and soften the lips as well as provide moisture. Candelilla Wax helps increase the thickness and deliver a smooth application without greasiness for long lasting, high pigment color. These waxes stiffen but do not harden the product, allowing flexibility in application perfectly contoring the lips.
Let Lavish Lips express your mood! Rich creamy moisturizer....Wrapped in an amazing shade!
California Skincare Supply was honored to become the Lavish Lips Distributor in 2017.