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2B Bio Beauty

California Skincare Supply was honored to become the 2B Bio Beauty distributor in 2016. If you'd like to buy wholesale from us, create an account and start shopping! You'll get an immediate 10% discount and 500 Loyalty points just for signing up!

Change Your Skin – 0% Acid, 100% Natural

Unlike other peels which only work on the surface, 2B Bio Peeling activates the exfoliation process from within the skin. The natural and powerful agents of this treatment stimulate the skin to reject the impurities that smother it. The powerful and unique antioxidants found in the 2B Bio Peel and 2B Bio Beauty line of supporting professional and homecare products are capable of balancing the consequences of prolonged tissue dysfunction caused by long term dermal stress, hypo-tonicity and subcutaneous inflammation or loss of muscular function. 2B Bio Beauty products are manufactured by Libinvest Cosmetics of Belgium. Libinvest has been a leading developer of European skin products for women and men for more than twenty five years. All of their products have been thoroughly tested and approved by the Belgian Health Ministry and the United States Food and Drugs Administration.

ONE PEEL ALL Skin Types- All Skin Conditions- All Skin Colors

2B Bio Peel : the combination of 7 plant extracts and minerals.... Badlaga Hallchondria Spongia (Sweet Water Sponges, Highly mineralized, with silica fibers and micro spicules) Havnejordt Lava (Microcrystals of volcanic slag give a mechanical effect) Crystallized Quartz (Tiny silica granules with sharp beards give a mechanical effect) Acacia Gum (Natural exudation of acacia sap give a linking and tensor effect) Maranta Arundinacea (Starch from arrow root rhizome give linking and binding effect) Equisetum Arvense (Crushed horsetail stalks, tonic, astringent and vascularizing properties) Calendulae Officinalis (Marigold flowers, emollient and soothing properties)    

Micro Needling-Like Effect

These potent yet pure ingredients help eliminate toxic pollution and erases years of facial fatigue to re-establish natural facial contours. The micro-needling effect of the treatment enhances collagen production, increases the flow of oxygen in devitalized tissue, and strenthens sluggish muscle tone. This peel dramatically improves compromised skin appearance and resurrects its function. It also reduces hyper-pigmnetation while restoring vitality of tires congested skin.

California Skincare Supply was honored to become the 2B Bio Beauty Distributor in 2016. If you'd like to buy wholesale from us, please create an account and start shopping! 

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