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Refectocil Blond Bleaching Paste

Refectocil Blond Bleaching Paste

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Refectocil Bleaching paste No. 0 Blond lightens eyebrows by up to 3 levels! Great for matching too prominent or dark eyebrows with colored blond hair. Use To achieve the desired natural colour (4N to 9N) as basis before tinting with Refectocil No. 4 Chestnut and No. 4.1 Red

Great for clients with dyed blond hair, whose natural colour is black or brown. In the past they could easily be identified as “false blondes” because of their prominent, dark eyebrows but now eyebrows can be lightened up to 3 shades to match with their shade of hair colour!

Note if tinting: Cleanse the eyebrows after the bleaching with the non-oily Refectocil Eye Make Up Remover, because eyebrows must be free of oil and dry, so that with the following application of Refectocil tint an optimum tinting result can be obtained.

Important instructions for use: Mix Refectocil Bleaching paste No. 0 Blond exclusively with Refectocil Oxidant 3% Cream (not liquid!).

Mixing ratio: 20-25 drops Refectocil Oxidant 3% Cream with 2 cm bleaching paste.

Application time: 5-20 minutes, depending on the blonding effect desired!

CAUTION: Do not mix with other colours!
The application on brows requires some practice, since the bleaching paste is more coarse-grained than brow and lash tints. Be sure that the paste is applied evenly on all hairs, this is facilitated with the aid of the Refectocil Application Stick with its narrowing tip the Bleaching paste can be applied accurately or with the use of the flat angled Refectocil Application Brush Hard. For an even bleaching result it is not sufficient to apply the paste superficially to brows, but each hair must be completely saturated by the paste from root to tip. After lightening reduce developing time as the tint colour will take quicker.

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