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Glyco-C Lightening Complex by Shira

Glyco-C Lightening Complex by Shira

Shira Glyco-C
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Ideal for helping to lighten issues such as hyperpigmentation and damage from the sun, our Lightening Complex is an antioxidant therapy that prevents cell damage and keeps skin smooth and radiant. Antioxidant therapies are measured by Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity, the higher Glycolic Acid, the more antioxidants a product contains, and the more ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) it can absorb. By removing ROS from the dermal matrix, collagen production is enhanced, giving skin improved tone and elasticity. This product also contains Glycolic Acid, AHAs, BHAs and Vitamin C. AHAs help skin appear softer and smoother and add moisture where its needed most.

Treats hyper-pigmentation, freckles and sunspots.
Lightens skin discoloration caused by pregnancy or oral contraceptives.

Glycolic acid (10%); L-Ascorbic acid (10%); Kojic acid (2%); Hydroquinone (2%); Allantoin.

On thoroughly cleansed and completely dry skin, apply a thin, even layer to the darkened area with a cotton swab (Q-Tip) or fingertips. After 15 minutes, apply Glyco-C Refining Complex. Use once a day. Do not use alcohol-based astringent. Do not use for more than 4 months; wait 30 days before continuing use.

Shira Esthetics Glyco-C treatment system, delivers both immediate and long-term anti-aging benefits. Glycolic Acid, AHA’s, BHA’s and Vitamin C work synergistically to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and hyperpigmentation, delivering an extra boost of brightening radiance.

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