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Exfoliating Effervescent Gel PRO size by Aqua Laure

Exfoliating Effervescent Gel PRO size by Aqua Laure

Aqua Laure
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Exfoliating Effervescent Gel

With eggplant, caviar lime Pearls & yogurt

PRo collecTion PRoDucT (PRofeSSional)

code: 520401

Size: 500ml/16.9fl.oz

The Aqua-Laure Exfoliating Effervescent Gel takes body exfoliation to a whole new level.

The R&D Department has been able to encapsulate active ingredients in a gel-like formula, which, in con- tact with air, transforms into an effervescent foam with exfoliating power.

The developing foam liberates oxygen and creates a swirling motion, which lifts dead cells. Tests show that, after application there is an acTivaTion of The micRociRculaTion by 291%, which means

a significant input of oxygen to the skin.

once the foaming phase is over, a light massage reinforces the lifting of keratinized cells.

The foam works as a dielectric muscle relaxant, capable to improve:

– Cell renewal

– Detoxify

– Heal

– Fill lines

Skin becomes soft again, in addition to feeling clean. The epidermis, without cutaneous

waste, is ready to receive the active ingredients which will be applied after.


Exfoliation with the aqua laure Exfoliating Effervescent Gel is the crucial step in all professional body care treatments.

• Subject is lying on his/her back.

• The exfoliation technique below is simultaneously carried out

on the front & back of the body.

• The Exfoliating Effervescent Gel is thinly applied with both hands.

• Allow to pAuse 3 to 5 minutes for eAch ApplicAtion.

• The Exfoliating Effervescent Gel is ready when the foam is well formed

and disappears while crackling when touched with fingers.

• The Exfoliating Effervescent Gel should applied by making light strokes in an upward motion until fully absorbed.

• Finish by rinsing off the exfoliated part of the body with warm towels.

• Then, cover the subject’s exfoliated part to avoid him/her being cold.

1. one leg at a time, apply the Exfoliating Effervescent Gel, starting at the buttock

toward the foot. Keep the subject’s legs slightly bended to facilitate application.

2. apply the Exfoliating Effervescent Gel on abdomen and arms.

3. apply on chest.

4. Have the subject sitting and finish by applying the Exfoliating Effervescent Gel

on his/her back. if a wrapping is planned, apply algae, clay or gel right away, be fore the subject lies on his/her back again, so that he/she will be in a sitting position only once during the first 2 steps of the body care.

exfoliation with the Exfoliating Effervescent Gel can be followed by a wrapping, a massage, a specific body treatment, a cellular stretching device or by applying a hydrating product.

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