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Circadian CryoGel by Aqua Laure

Circadian CryoGel by Aqua Laure

Aqua Laure
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Circadian CryoGel

With nocturshapeTM & Wakame bio-Ferment


Size: 250ml/8.45fl.oz

The Aqua-Laure Circadian CryoGel was formulated to provide a slimming effect and

smooth the skin surface during the night. It reinforces

the dermal matrix and enhances skin firmness by activating lymph and blood microcirculation. Tissues are unclogged, skin texture is tightened, and the silhouette is energized and refined.

Linked to the adaptation of solar and lunar rhythms, chronobIology is one of the topics that is increasingly taken into consideration in skincare science: the circadian rhythm includes all biological processes which have an os- cillation of approximately during 24 hours.

Thanks to an innovative ingredient, the NOCTURSHAPE™ (an exo-polysaccharide which is obtained from planktonic microorganisms) the Aqua-Laure Circadian CryoGel follows the circadian rhythm to normalize the production of a night protein, the nocturnin, and to:

– Smooth the orange peel,
– Reduce subcutaneous deposits,
– Provide firmness and
– Reduce the appearance of cellulite.

higher nocturnal values of the circadian protein (nocturnin) increase the adipogenesis and the accumulation of lipids during the night. The nocturnin, which contributes to the accumulation of fats, is a target of choice for the NOCTURSHAPE™ to fight cellulite.

Desired effects

• Silhouette refining with a targeted volume loss

• Day and night fat-burning action, which effectively erases unwanted curves on the body.

Allows tissues remodelling during a diet.

• Anti-cellulite care which helps reduce, smooth and soften

the appearance of cellulite

• Skin firmness and elasticity improvement, even at bust level

• Blood flow stimulation to soothe arthritis pain and inflammations

• Thanks to all its active ingredients, which adapt themselves to our fat cells biorhythm to better fight them: during the night, it limits the production of nocturnin as well as the formation of new mature adipocytes, and it stimulates the collagen synthesis;

during the day, it encourages lipolysis and acts effectively on collagen and elastin production, while preventing their breakdown.


Morning and night, ideally after showering or bathing, smooth the Aqua-Laure Circadian CryoGel on the entire body, insisting on slackened areas. Apply using circular motions until fully absorbed. Efficiency will increase if associated with the Aqua-Laure Lipo-Massage device.

The Aqua-Laure Circadian CryoGel can be associated with a series of cellular stretching treatments which will accelerate the process to obtain the desired results.

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