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Slimming & Firming Algae PRO size by Aqua Laure

Slimming & Firming Algae PRO size by Aqua Laure

Aqua Laure
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Slimming & Firming Algae Concentrated blend of fucus vesiculosus, laminaria digitata and lithothanium


Size: 4kg/8.8lbs.

This formulation rich in minerals and trace elements has different properties, which, when combined:

• Reduce the lypolitic active cellulite

• Stimulate the natural process of fat breakdown

• Boost

• Remineralize

• Revitalize

• Firm

• Reshape,

• Detoxify

• Stimulate blood circulation.

Trace elements penetrate the skin by cellular exchange (osmosis). This mechanism reduces the epidermal water loss.

To increase its positive effects, it is necessary toapply a warm wrapping in order to increase

the permeability of epidermis by expanding the peripheral vessels and pores.

Skin becomes suppler and firmer.


Apply this wrap after exfoliating with Dead Sea Salts or the Exfoliating effervescent Gel.

To prepare the wrap:

Pour approx. 250 mL of algae powder in a plastic or glass bowl.

• Add hot water and stir with a wooden spoon or a plastic whisk until

the mixture has the texture of a chocolate sauce.

• Apply with hands or a brush.

• Wrap with the Plastic Body Wrap and cover with a thermal blanket,

or a heating blanket

(avoid applying algae on the soles of the feet and on the palm of the hand).

• Allow to work for 20 minutes.

• Rinse thoroughly with a washcloth, a humid towel or in the shower.

• Finish by applying a treatment product or a hydrating milk.

Used as cataplasm:

To alleviate arthritis pain, soreness, rheumatic pain, back pain, itching, and fatigue.

• Transfer the blend Slimming & Firming Algae (roughly 2 cm thick) on a dry towel.

• Cover with a compress and apply to the painful area.

• Remove when algae become dry and apply a new wet cataplasm until

the pain has disappeared.

Treat only 1 zone at a time. Do not simultaneously apply several cataplasms on different body areas. Alternate.

Not recommended for people with thyroid problems.

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