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LashesMD gives you thicker, fuller lashes and eyebrows. This conditioning complex is applied once per day at bedtime as a serum eyeliner. It can be applied at the base of the lashes on the upper and lower eyelids as well as to the eyebrows.

It promotes growth and strength to prevent breakage and gives you long, full lashes and brows. Using advanced conditioning and peptides, it revitalizes your lashes and brows right to the root. Enriched with natural plant extracts that are jojoba and macadamia based and a proprietary peptide, LashesMD protects and nourishes lashes and brows without using drugs or harmful chemicals. Your lashes can be weakened by makeup, makeup removers, curlers and the environment. LashesMD prevents this weakening as well as loss or breakage and other damage by nourishing the lashes so they look their best, even without mascara, so you get the look you always wanted! The serum visibly works in just four weeks, promoting fuller-looking lashes and brows. Fuller brows and lashes give you a more youthful appearance, even without the use of makeup or other enhancers, so you can be satisfied with your look.

LashesMD is a professional grade eyelash and brow enhancer, but it is available without a prescription. It is formulated specifically to grow your lashes and brows, but it is also pH balanced so it won’t irritate your eyes and skin and is clinically proven to be safe and effective. LashesMD, nourishes and promotes fuller, thicker and longer lashes with results in only 21 days and it protects your lashes to prevent lash loss, damage, and breakage.

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