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Wholesale Body Wrap Supplies

Algae Gel with Witch Hazel Algae Gel with Witch Hazel wholesale body wrap supplies:
  • For delicate skin
  • No rinsing!
  • Softening
  • Hypersensitive skin or circulatory problems
Dead Sea Mud Dead Sea Mud Wholesale Body Wrap Supplies:
  • Highly mineralized for all skin types
  • Copper, zinc, cobalt, and iodine
  • Eliminates join inflammation and muscular pain
  • Retains warmth
Micronized Fucus Algae Micronized Fucus Algae Wholesale Body Wrap Supplies
  • Rich in iodine and vitamin C
  • Fine skin, varicose problems, circulatory sensitivity, edema
  • Minimum or less apparent cellulite
  • Does not over stimulate metabolism
Micronized Laminaria Algae Micronized Laminaria Algae Wholesale Body wrap Supplies
  • 10x more iodine than Fucus
  • Rich in Vit. A, B, C, and E
  • Detoxifies
  • Stimulates circulation
Violet Clay with Essential Oils Violet Clay with Essential Oils Wholesale Body Wrap Supplies
  • Purifies
  • Moisturizes
  • Relaxes
  • Decongests
Vitaminized Jojoba oil Vitaminized Jojoba Oil Wholesale Body Wrap Supplies
  • Comfortable exfoliation
  • Vitamin A and E soften
  • Oil of Lavender lightly scents and soothes