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340D El Pueblo Rd.
Scotts Valley, CA 95066
Dermaglow Equipro

Dermaglow Equipro

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This Advanced microdermabrasion system with new, more efficient DermaVortex vacuum system that reduces the need for high vacuum levels, allowing gentler, non-streaking treatments.

It is virtually maintenance free, using a non-clogging, cartridge-based crystal delivery-disposal system that provides 30+ treatments between refills. When the crystal cartridge is empty, simply snap a new one into the patented intake system. The system's primary filter is integrated into its waste container so filters are replaced automatically when you change canisters. HEPA filtration system filters particles down to .3 microns (10 times smaller than a red blood cell).


• 2 separate controls, for intensity and for crystal
• Precise digital system
• Noiseless
• User friendly
• Disposable cartridge system
• 2 kg aluminum
• Oxyde crystals receptacle for an autonomy of 20 treatments
• Safe hepa filters (hospital grade)
• Clog free system
• Large pump for a more precise vacuum control

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