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Solo-Pil Waxing Kit Epillyss

Solo-Pil Waxing Kit Epillyss

Epillyss Wax
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The must have kit for any salon or spa! This outstanding value kit includes a free-standing plug-in wax warmer and the essential products to prepare, wax and soothe the skin including: White Queen Bolero Lukewarm Wax contains natural beeswax, pine resin, essential oils and lanolin for a smooth no-reside hair removal; Pre-Depilatory Lotion contains the antiseptic benzalconium chloride; Azulen Post-Depilatory Oil combines azulen with mineral oil for an anti inflammatory and anti-allergenic cleanser and moisturizer.

Solo Kit has a single heater with a adjustable temperature dial and includes:

• White Queen Bolero Lukewarm Wax 20 oz.

• Pre-Depilatory Lotion 17.5 oz.

• Azulen Post-Depilatory Oil 17.5 oz.

• Metal Spatula

• Cotton Strip 2 1/2” x 50 yards.

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