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Dermolyse Biological Peeling France Laure (8 Treatments)

Dermolyse Biological Peeling France Laure (8 Treatments)

France Laure
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Winner of the prestigious Effectiveness Award at the International World of Beauty and Spa trade show!

The outer later of skin, ( the corneal layer) is mostly made of dead keratinizes cells. Dermolyse Biological Peeling treatments have been specially composed to decompose keratinizes protein by lytic procedure, or by rupture, peptide joins keratin. Since healthy cells just a little deeper below do not contain this, they are not affected by this enzyme. Dermolyse Biological Peeling Treatments decompose dead cells by saving healthy ones.


• Eliminates dead cells and cutaneous impurities.

• Refines skin texture.

• Brightens and unifies tint.

• Regularizes sebaceous secretions.

• Stimulates cellular regeneration.

• Heals, tones and revitalizes.

• Aids blackhead extraction and sebaceous cysts.

• Favours oxygenation.

• 2 methods of application to answer to all skin types and circumstances.

*Includes 8 treatments

France Laure Dermolyse Biological Peeling California Skincare Supply The Estheticians Edge

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