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340D El Pueblo Rd.
Scotts Valley, CA 95066
The MakeUp Eraser Original Pink

The MakeUp Eraser Original Pink

MakeUp Eraser
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#1 Reusable makeup removal system in the world.

Erase ALL your makeup with JUST WATER including: waterproof mascara, eyeliner, foundation, blush and more!

The MakeUp Eraser is reusable, machine washable and will last you 3-5 years.
Never buy harmful disposable makeup wipes again!
Trusted by beauty bloggers and vloggers around the world!
The Original MakeUp Eraser measures 7.5" x 15.5".

MakeUp Eraser is a simple way to remove al makeup. It is 100 % chemical free with WATER ONLY. It removes the toughest makeup including waterproof masvara, liquid eyeliner, blush, base, stage and theatre makeup, face paint, etc.

  • Made out of 100% polyester blend
  • No chemicals
  • The shorter side is for washing
  • The longer side is for exfoliating
  • Add warm water
  • Circular motion will remove all makeup
  • Machine washable up t 100 washes
  • Picks up the makeup instead of smearing it
  • Great for sensitive skin, contact lenses, allergies
  • Non-abrasive and gentle
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