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340D El Pueblo Rd.
Scotts Valley, CA 95066
Buff Shea Butter Body Cream by BFF

Buff Shea Butter Body Cream by BFF

BFF Miracle Body Buff
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Completely Shea & Cocoa Butter-based, our Shea Butter Body Crème is perfect for healing skin conditions, keeping skin well lubricated and elastic, as well as healing and preventing stretch marks.
Our Shea Butter Body Creme's formula is simple, and the best way to buff your body shiny and glowing every day after a shower.
It's great applied directly after a BuffSmooth Hair Removal Treatment, for feeding the skin after exfoliating away your top layer of dead skin. It's also perfect for giving yourself or your lover an amazing lubricated body massage that feeds the skin, penetrating deep into the pores.
Use daily to keep skin healthy, bright, young looking, and prevent stretch marks and loose skin.

Attach Plush Blue Lotion Muff to your BFF. Then, using a butter knife or wooden paddle, smear 1 tsp (like butter on toast) directly on the muff. Press pad with bodybuffer plugged in directly on desired area of body, and turn on the device. Using the flat part of the disc, apply to entire body, moving slowly from feet to shoulders.
The rotating blue muff will keep picking up and redistributing excess bodybutter. A little goes a long way!
1% H20 + 99% premium quality cocoa & shea butter 1 tsp moisturizes the entire body.

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