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BuffSmooth Hair Removal Pads by BFF

BuffSmooth Hair Removal Pads by BFF

BFF Miracle Body Buff
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50 pack of BuffSmooth pads.

LADIES: Experience the most amazing, pain-free & fastest way to baby-soft, perfectly exfoliated and hairless legs and arms!
MEN: Ever wax? Ouch! This is far and away the best way to "manscape" your chest or back. Totally pain-free (it actually feels good!)
SWIMMERS & CYCLISTS - Pain-free full body hair removal. Yes, it will take care of your legs & arms in a jiffy too! Be careful in sensitive areas!

Simple to use Refills for your BFF. No shaving cream or Lotion necessary. Simply stick the BuffSmooth on your BFF 2.0 and shave legs, arms, back, chest or abdomen in seconds.
Perfect to smooth rough, dry skin, calluses on the feet, or as a perfect beauty treatment before a night on the town.
Each disposable pad provides 1-3 full treatments.
Use only on clean, dry skin.
Do not use with lotion, ointment, or any topical formulas.
Remove from device immediately after treatment. Discard in trash when finished.

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