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Preventative Stretch Mark Oil by Aqua Laure

Preventative Stretch Mark Oil by Aqua Laure

Aqua Laure
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Preventive Stretch Mark Oil

100% Wheat Germ Oil

Naturaly rich in Vitamins E & K, Carotenoids & Omega-6

Size: 50ml/1.69fl.oz

Wheat Germ Oil is the ideal resource to prevents and minimizes stretch marks.
Very rich in:

• Vitamins E and K

• Carotenoids

• Squalene

• Essential fatty acids (linoleic/Omega-6)

This nourishing oil protects tissues and deterioration and acts as a natural antioxidant and anti-radical.
It heals dry, desquamated and irritated skin;

it regenerates skin and efficiently acts against diffuse redness.

It has a healing power, which prevents and minimizes stretch marks before and during pregnancy, a growth period or a gain of weight.

Wheat Germ Oil is obtained from germinated wheat.
Its grains, once germinated, go through corrugated cylinders
which separate grain from wheat germ. Then, they are dehydrated to stop the enzymatic activity.

The wheat germ oil is obtained by first cold press extraction

with an expeller, and the temperature does not go above 50 °C. The germs, which contain 7–15% lipids, release their oil, which is filtered several times before being conditioned. The oil preserves all its phytonutritious elements (vitamins, fatty acids, etc.).
Wheat germ oil is more expensive than other oils on the market. However, the perspective is different when one knows that 18 tons of wheat are needed to obtain 36 kg of wheat germs, for a final quantity of 1 liter of wheat germ oil.
Its rich and thick yellow/orange texture is enjoyable to the touch. It has the characteristic smell of cereals.

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