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Regular Sugar Paste by Epillyss

Regular Sugar Paste by Epillyss

Epillyss Wax
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The ancient method of using sugar, honey, lemon juice and water has been use in countries of the Maghreb and the Middle East for ages. Body sugaring is completely natural and contains no chemical additives and leaves no oil and no resin behind. World wide recognition for its exfoliating properties, body sugaring leaves skin baby soft and silky. Because hair is removed in the same direction as it grows, the root is redressed and the deformation of the hair follicle is avoided favouring the inhibition of ingrown hairs. Body sugaring is recommended for all skin types and all areas of hair removal for both men and women.

In keeping with the growing trend of natural treatments, body sugaring is a water soluble treatment made of natural products. All formulations are made of sugar, lemon juice, water and do not contain chemical additives. There are three formulations of sugar paste, Regular, Soft and Supple. The choice of formulation is based on what suits you, relating to the temperature of your hands. This is because the application is performed with your fingertips, and the temperature of your hands will influence the texture of the sugar paste during the treatment. For example, a cold hand will require a more flexible paste and hot hands will require a harder texture of paste.

Note: Training is a must for all beginners.

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