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340D El Pueblo Rd.
Scotts Valley, CA 95066
Pure Rayz by Baby Quasar

Pure Rayz by Baby Quasar

Baby Quasar
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Pure Rayz outperforms the competitor’s tools as the most effective and powerful, anti-aging light therapy tool available to treat wrinkles without a prescription. Designed to treat the entire face, it is FDA-cleared and offers an industry-leading, 5-year “fix or replace with no questions asked” warranty. Pure Rayz LED’s emit only natural wavelengths of light, making it completely safe to use with over-the-counter topical products and causes no extra sun sensitivity.


• Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
• Treats Wrinkles for Younger-looking Skin
• With new collagen-building technology.
• Stimulates collagen production and enhances elastin
• Longer-lasting results compared to topical products
• FDA cleared for full-face wrinkle treatment
• Eliminate costly chemicals and harsh topical products
• Completely safe, has no side effects, and contains no UV light
• 5-year warranty
• Made in the USA

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