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Protect Intense RévoluSolaire by France Laure

Protect Intense RévoluSolaire by France Laure

France Laure
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This super gentle, fragrance free hypoallergenic Protect Intense RévoluSolaire treatment by France Laure, effectively protects against external damage, preserving skin’s integrity. Face and Body Comfort Voile works to effectively maintain lipidic and hydric balance while fighting against photo-ageing. Intense RévoluSolaire treatment has been specially developed to protect the skin from the harmful effects caused by the assault of free radicals and external damage, preventing pre-mature ageing. Available in formulas for both face and body.

For Best Use: Use as part of a regular skin care routine. After applying your day cream, apply Intense RévoluSolaire to face and body before any outdoor activities. Repeat as often as necessary including after heavy perspiration.

Key Ingredients and Benefits:

Climate Challenge Cocktail consisting of:

• Phenylbenzimidazol Sulfonic Acid: A powerful UVB absorbent with excellent photo stability and safety profile; can lead to a tremendous SPF boost, especially in combination with other sun filters; phenomenal SPF amplifier;

• Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate: High efficiency UVB filter to counteract erythema due to sunburn. Very well tolerated by the skin, it is worldwide approved and the most frequently used.

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