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Lavender Seaweed Collagen Mask

Lavender Seaweed Collagen Mask

CSS Spa Collection
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This calming natural seaweed mask contains soothing Lavender and a high concentration of collagen protein as well as a potent blend of vitamins and minerals. The perfect mask for a face or body treatment! Lavender’s balancing action on the skin makes this mask perfect for use in cases of abscesses, acne, carbuncles, eczema, minor infections, oily skin, boils, burns, sunburn, wounds and psoriasis, while it rubefacient properties increase blood circulation and relieve congested skin. Lavender also tones the skin and coupled with all its other excellent properties, make this one of the most useful essential oils for all skin types and a great help in sorting out a variety of skin problems.

Lavender Benefits:

• Aids in skins ability to heal itself and stimulates cell growth.

• Reduces inflammation, prevents scarring, and balances oil production.

• Analgesic properties reduce localized pain

• High percentage of linalool promotes healing, vulnerary properties help to prevent tissue degeneration.

• Cytophylactic properties stimulate the grown of new skin

• Cicatrisant properties help the formation of healing scar tissue and normal healing, while preventing scar keloids (scarring) on the healed skin.

Size: 500 gm

Ingredients: Plants of the sea: Aosa Seaweed (Green Seaweed), Laminaria Digitata (Brown Seaweed), Enteromorpha Compress (Yellow-Green Nori Seaweed), Wakame (Japanese Sea Kelp), Lavender

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