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NANO LIFT PRO Skin Rejuvenation Facial Device


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Nano Lift Pro Skin Rejuvenation Facial Device, for esthetician professional use, offers 9 features in one device! The perfect device for facial fitness!


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9 FEATURES IN ONE DEVICE- Professional only Device

A clinical-grade anti-aging beauty device that is compact and loaded with cutting-edge technologies and scientifically proven to reverse the effect of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin & more.

The Nano Lift PRO is a 9 in 1 device, offers multiple treatments including advanced Radio Frequency, EMS, LED, Sonic Massaging and Cooling which help with: skin tightening and lifting; wrinkle and fine line reduction; rejuvenation of face, neck, and decolletage; deep cleansing, and products absorption.


1.RF:(Radio Frequency) 45 ℃ to activate collagen

2.EMS:(Electrical Muscle Stimulation) for face massage v-face lift, wrinkle reduction

3.ION : (deep pore cleansing) 

4.ENI:(Electroporation Nutrient Importing) for better absorption of skincare products including serums, creams & facial masks

5.COOL: Ice Cooling 12 ℃, for tightening skin pores & calming

6.Red light: 623nm,  facial rejuvenation

7.Blue light: 465nm, germicidal, anti-acne and oil control 

8. Sonic Vibration:14000times/min, helps with absorption of skincare products

9. RF+RED light, RF+ION+sonic vibrate, RF+ENI+Red light +sonic vibration 

RF+ION, RF+ENI,RF+EMS working synonymously

GREAT ADD ONS to any facial or try Julie Lindh's 30 minutes Skin Fitness Facial.
For best results, we recommend to offer the facial once a week for 6 weeks.

RF + EMS + Photon + Sonic

  • RF energy penetrates into the dermis to activate collagen production
  • Sonic massage accelerates facial blood circulation and enhances absorption
  • Red light rejuvenates skin and blue light sterilizes and sedates alternately
  • EMS shape lifting, exercise facial muscles, make sells more compact, shape V-face

Nano Lift Pro Before and After

Nano Lift Pro Before and After

Specifications & Parameters:

LED: 12 pcs

Red light wavelength:623nm

blue light wavelength:465nm

RF frequency: 1M Hz (1 Million Hz) (97V to 118V)   RF wavelength: 0.3m/s Multipolar RF

ION frequency: 100Hz/s

ENI (Electroporation)frequency: 9-10Hz/s

EMS frequency: 100 Hz/s

COOL: 9-14℃

Sonic Vibration: 13000-17000 RPM

Battery life: 10,000 hours

LCD screen is 1.5 inches

Machine: 10W

Charge for about 2 hours     

Battery:7.4V 650mah

Standby time: about 900 days

Mode: 5

Level: 5

Warranty: 1 year

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